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How to Blog | Lesson 3

Now that you’ve learned the basics of How to Blog and how to set up your blog we’ll move on to how to make money from your blog!

There are many ways to make money from blogging.  It basically comes down to advertising though.  Ads equal dollars!  There is also a traffic factor there without an audience your blog isn’t worth much but in my opinion it’s worth setting up some ways to make money and then work on the traffic.   Affiliate programs and pay per click ads cost your nothing to set up and are ready to make you money when you start getting traffic to your site.

A couple of places I use and have been paid from are:

I use:

Google Adsense

Logical Media – great for coupon sites

My Savings Media – great for coupon sites

Info Links – are links within the text of your blog that are double underlined.  This is a pay per click company.

Commission Junction

Escalate Network – great for coupon sites

Amazon great for making commissions on just about any product you can think of that you might want to blog about.

You can also offer ad space on your site and take payments through Paypal.  You’ll want to share your traffic stats with potential advertisers so they know if they are getting their monies worth.  If you need a way to track your traffic I suggest Stat Counter.

You can also offer to do a blog post for an advertiser for a monetary fee. Again, you want to have stats on hand.

Should you decide to monetize your blog it’s important to have a disclosure on your site.  You can easily create one at


How to Blog | Lesson 1

Learning how to blog is a pretty simple.  Of course everything is easy once you know how.  ;)

The first thing to get started blogging is to pick a subject to blog about.  This can be anything that you have a passion for, whether it’s cupcakes, hockey or what’s going on in your city.  It’s important that your subject piques your interest so, it will be easy to write blog posts on a regular basis.

Next you’ll want to choose a name for your blog and check it’s availability.   You can do this once you choose where to host your blog which we’ll talk about shortly.  Put some thought into the name of your blog.  Your blog name should also be easy to spell and if possible short and to the point.

After you choose the subject and your the name of your blog, you’ll need a place to set it up.  I would suggest setting up your new blog at Blogger or a self hosted WordPress. This site is a self hosted WordPress website, which I chose because I’m in full control of the site, whereas with blogger you are not always in control and have to follow their guidelines.

If you are just looking for a hobby or to dip your toe in the pool, going with Blogger would be a good option.  There is no out of pocket cost unless you choose to buy a domain name of your own.  If you choose not to buy a name it will look like

Should you feel like you want to be serious about blogging as a business, then a WordPress self hosted site is the way to go.  You can get started for under $20 for the domain name and the hosting.  While there are plenty of places to set up a WordPress website, I personally like HostGator the best.  They have an easy to understand control plan and excellent customer support.  You may also use the coupon code DallasWahm at check out to receive 25% the cost of hosting.

Stay tuned for our next lesson in our How to Blog series and in the meantime, should you have questions about this post, please leave a comment below or contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

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