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Tornados in Dallas Ft. Worth Area

We are so grateful that no one died in all these storms we had yesterday but plenty of people are in need of help.  Please check out the Red Cross website or with your local churches to see what you can do to help.

Pets are also out there that are in need of help, please check out and share information at Dallas Dog Life’s Facebook page.

Here’s a few pictures I took yesterday here in Forney, TX. One is the tornado and one is my darling daughter with a football helmet on taking cover in the downstairs bathroom.  The tornado didn’t touch my neighborhood but our community has been effected.

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10 Simple Business Ideas

Other moms are always asking me how they can make money without getting a job.  Below you’ll find ten simple business ideas.  Some are work at home ideas and some are work from home ideas.  Most of them anyone could do!

Auction Business – There are several options for this. You can contract to sell other peoples items or you can sell your own items new or used. This can be a quick way to make money if you don’t have much time to build a business. To find items to sell look for deals at garage sales and on Just make sure you know you can profit on what you are buying.

Bookkeeping Service – Do you have great accounting skills? Work for businesses or individuals. You can also consult on a personal level on budget planning, etc.

Childcare – For this you need to make sure you comply with local and state government requirements. In Texas you can check out:

Computer Tutor – Say that five times fast. No, seriously, if you are great with computers this may be a perfect job for you, whether one on one or teaching groups. Look into local parks and recreation programs to sign up to teach classes.

Direct Sales – These are companies like Avon, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Partylite, and those “fun” parties too. I have done party plans before and found it to be a very fun experience.

Editing Service – If you are a grammar master this could be an excellent job for you. Check out

House Cleaning – Another great idea for someone with older children if you don’t want to have to worry about daycare.

House Sitter – You can decide if you are a drop in sitter or someone who actually stays while the person is out of town.  Google house sitting to find services to sign up with.  Working through a company can offer you protection.  You could do it on your own though through personal referrals.

Pet Sitter – Whether it’s a daily walk while the fur baby parents are at work or for out of town care taking.  Same as above you could work through a service or through personal referrals.

Photographer – If you have a knack for photography. This could be a great freelance business in the way of setting our own hours. One can also sell their photos at or If you are good, families are always looking for affordable potraits. This could be to your advantage as most professional photography studios charge so much for each print after the sitting fees. I know of a wahm that charges $75 per hour for sittings. She then give the family the disc so they can print all the pictures they want. What a deal and she is doing well with her home business.

You can also check out our message board to talk to other wahms and get more wahm business ideas.

Best wishes on your wahm adventures!

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