How to Blog | Lesson 3

Now that you’ve learned the basics of How to Blog and how to set up your blog we’ll move on to how to make money from your blog!

There are many ways to make money from blogging.  It basically comes down to advertising though.  Ads equal dollars!  There is also a traffic factor there without an audience your blog isn’t worth much but in my opinion it’s worth setting up some ways to make money and then work on the traffic.   Affiliate programs and pay per click ads cost your nothing to set up and are ready to make you money when you start getting traffic to your site.

A couple of places I use and have been paid from are:

I use:

Google Adsense

Logical Media – great for coupon sites

My Savings Media – great for coupon sites

Info Links – are links within the text of your blog that are double underlined.  This is a pay per click company.

Commission Junction

Escalate Network – great for coupon sites

Amazon great for making commissions on just about any product you can think of that you might want to blog about.

You can also offer ad space on your site and take payments through Paypal.  You’ll want to share your traffic stats with potential advertisers so they know if they are getting their monies worth.  If you need a way to track your traffic I suggest Stat Counter.

You can also offer to do a blog post for an advertiser for a monetary fee. Again, you want to have stats on hand.

Should you decide to monetize your blog it’s important to have a disclosure on your site.  You can easily create one at


Buyer Beware! Mobile Mass Money

There are lots of people who make lots of money on the internet preying on those that don’t know about online marketing and how things work exactly.  Recently I had someone call me who had gotten my number from a friend to see if I could help out with something that she had signed up for called Mobile Mass Money.

The setup of it was complicated and she didn’t understand how to get it working for her.  She sent me the emails she had received and I got the initial part set up for her.  But don’t you know,  Mobile Mass Money would have done it for free if she had only bought the domain name and hosting from someone they were partnered with. “Partnered” meaning they both make money.

As for the mobile phone “advertising” part.  I have been watching the videos that she sent over that helps you to set it up and am still confused by how all of that works and I would consider myself pretty internet savvy.

So, the first part of set up you try to sell the system they sold you… then you get a piece of that but for the most part it’s a cash cow for the person you originally purchased it from since it comes with their affiliate links embedded into it.

I’m all for making money online.  I do it with this blog and several others. But I don’t do it by being sneaky, preying on people’s ignorance is a huge no-no in my book!

Bottom line, you could make money with Mobile Mass Money.  It’s not impossible but in reality, I would NOT recommend this product unless you have a huge mailing list and internet marketing experience.

And as with any work at home opportunity, before you purchase or sign up for anything take some time searching the internet and see what other people are saying about it.  If whatever if being offered has a “time limit” that wouldn’t allow you to take the time to research it or think it over, your answer should be no.

As always if you have questions or suggestions about anything work at home related feel free to use the contact me page.  I will do my best to help you out.



How to Blog | Lesson 2

Now that you have picked the subject, the name and where you want to host your blog, that we discussed in How to Blog – Lesson 1.  You’ll need to get your new blog set up.

I feel the easiest way to learn how to set up your blog is to visit YouTube.


I found this video on how to set up a blogger blog:


And this will teach you how to set up your blog when you host your blog at Hostgator and have purchased your domain name at godaddy.

Again if you have any questions of comments about setting up your blog please leave a comment below or contact me. I will be happy to answer your blogging questions.  Our next How to Blog lesson will include setting up Google Adsense and some other ways to make money on with your blog.

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